How design inspired these five dental clinics

June 18, 2023

image of a modern dental surgery

Of late, we've been featured again in the dental economics journal. Check out our article below or on the following link.

Dentists love to see each other's offices and operatories, often to admire, other times to get ideas for their own office redesign. Check out these unique ops.

image of a modern dental surgery

The Paddington Dental Surgery, Sydney, Australia

Tips from the designer

“We refurbished an existing dental office located in a Paddington terrace. We wanted to highlight the building’s grandeur while also accommodating a contemporary practice. Recognized for its biophilic properties, timber was the natural choice to create a calm atmosphere and accommodate hidden storage cabinets. Individual operatories were refurbished with custom-made quarter-cut European oak and American white ash by Elan Construct, and it was detailed with hand-aged, refined brass. The curved timber handrail on the staircase flows through the practice to connect the rooms.”

Tips from the dentist

“People can feel apprehensive when they go to a dentist, and they may associate the dentist with fear and embarrassment. That’s why we invested not just in having the best practitioners and latest world-class technology, but in presenting a practice like no other. As soon as clients walk in, our simple yet highly crafted interior design assures them that we care about attention to detail and the highest quality.”

Designer credit: Designed and constructed by Elan Construct
Dentist profile: Dr. Duncan Copp
Photo credit: Ross Honeyset

dental surgery with a view

Aurea Dental, Montevideo, Uruguay

From the designers

“We wanted a unique design that was both modern and cozy, so this combination of light wood, marble, and lots of lighting was fantastic. The colors in shades of gray and light brown with details in black made the design the one we were looking for. It’s complemented with a peaceful lake view.”


“Make a place peaceful, friendly, and cozy so people love to visit.”

Dentist profile: Aurea Dental
Designer credit: and @vanessapiccs
Photo credit: Woodpecker Studio

image of a designer fit out

Katya Kulic, DDS, Houston

Tips from the architects

“Don’t compromise on your design. It’s a journey. You need to explore how much your dream will cost and work toward something that’s feasible for you. We say, dream big and find a way to make it work!”

Designer credit: Vita Architecture and Twenty 20 Studio LLC

glass dental clinic

True Dentistry, Las Vegas

Tips from the designer

“The design intent for our office was to break away from the traditional dental feeling. The goal was to create a space that clients will admire and forget they’re in a dental office. Using natural elements such as wood, stone, metals, and glass, we wanted to create a light and open feeling. We never want clients to feel confined, restricted, or heavy. But we also wanted to create a space that was not too pretentious.”

Tips from the dentist

“Create the space that you want to spend your time in. Spend the extra money to create a space that is timeless and will be its own marketing piece.”

Designer credit: @joewillardsen
Dentist profile: @joewillardsen
Photo credit: @trevorowsley

modern dental clinic

Demond Hygienist, Amsterdam

Tips from the owner

“The environment for me is incredibly important, so it’s an intrinsic and vital part of my business. I love design, fashion, and art. I knew from the start that the whole feeling of the office had to be less clinical. So, I went for a golden chair and colorful art to complement the concrete and wooden cabinets. It all came together beautifully.”

Design and office owner: Sandra Tanahatoe
Photo credit: Sandra Tanahatoe
Architect: Kevin Veenhuizen