5 inspiring Dental Office Reception Spaces from around the World

November 25, 2022

curved dental reception design

A well-designed and inviting reception area can make your patients feel more relaxed and welcome. See what these offices did to set themselves apart.

Are you thinking of redesigning your practice? How does your dental clinic represent your brand values and attract your target clientele? Here are five examples of how good design and branding can help shape your brand image.

Ben Lee of Vita Architecture, a design practice that specializes in dental clinics, shares photos of inspiring dental office reception areas. Follow @dental_architect on Instagram for more beautiful dental office designs.


Dental Space, UK

Vita Architecture designed this space for a Scandinavian dentist who wanted his brand to represent him as a dentist who is interested in sustainability. Vita created this carefully crafted arched space specified with sustainable products throughout. They ensured that every finite detail was honed toward the client’s brand image and centered the décor to provide a unique and comfortable patient journey.

Design by: Vita Architecture
Dentist: Dental Space

Don’t just launch into the design; find a design agency that wants to know who you are, where you come from, and how that can be translated into your space. That’s how you create a brand as unique as you are - Vita Architecture


Grand Street Dental, USA

When Grand Street Dental was built in 2016, the dentist’s intention was to create a space that was warm and professional but also personal and inviting. She kept the space open and airy with lots of natural light in the waiting room and light in the treatment areas that mimicked soft natural light.

She incorporated contemporary artwork from both friends and family and filled the shelves with books and objects that were collected through the years, which allowed each corner of the practice to feel personal. When these elements were married with an updated state-of-the-art dental facility, nothing felt sterile or cold. Patients often remark on the authenticity of the practice and how the homey vibe puts them at ease.

Interior Design by Jennifer Plotnick
Architecture by Norman Cox
Photography by Kent Rogowski
Dentist: Jennifer Plotnick

Be generous on your waiting room size and design. This isn’t an area to skimp, and when done right, it can really set the tone and ambiance for your practice - Jennifer Plotnick

Street shop frontage

Dr. Tomas Hernan, Spain

This clinic frontage by Mimetrica is a stunning addition to the street. It draws the eye in with its subtle lighting and folded design contrasting against the simple black backdrop.

About the dentist: “My private practice represents a multidisciplinary approach in different dental disciplines. This involves tackling dental problems with comprehensive treatment plans that solve patient problems and expectations, subsequently leading to consistent long-term results.”

Design by Mimetrica
Photography by Adriana Martinez
Dentist: Dr. Tomas Hernan


Clinica Odonto Queiroz, Brazil

When the project began, designers knew the concept of the clinic would have blacks, woods, solid colors, and contrasts. They believe that contrast is critical to any design project. With this concept and good architects, they built the project to surprise patients.

Design by CM Ramalho
Photography by Yan Lahud
Dentist: Dr. Pedro Queiroz

Design with contrasts. This is mandatory in good design. Contrast with materials, textures, colors, and common sense. Do your best to create something unique - Dr Pedro Queiroz

curved dental reception design

Arc Dental Clinic

The goal to build this clinic stems from the idea that people often don’t want to go to the dental office due to fear. The dentists clearly understood this concern, so they aimed to reduce anxiety in every aspect, such as vibe, sound, and even smell. After a series of surveys, they concluded that décor is the best route to reduce patient anxiety, so they went for it.

Design by Pornchaipisut
Photography by Panoramic Studio
Dentist: Arc Dental Clinic

Set the goal, then design to support your goal - Arc Dental Clinic

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