Dentist Branding: Graphic Designers and Interior Designers

August 20, 2022


Are you thinking of starting a refurbishment project for your dental practice? We're not the typical design outfit at Vita, we like to add those bespoke touches to your design and integrate, evolve and entwine your decor from your brand. To do this, logo design plays a key role. That's why we have a team of talented graphic designers at hand to explore your brand simultaneously with our interior design team giving you an integrated brand design approach. Here's why that's important.

Every dentist wants to be known for good dental and patient care, unfortunately that doesn’t define you from the other dentists in the world. So, given how many dental practices there are popping up around the world - how can you stand head and shoulders above the crowd? We thought it’s time to dig into branding and how we can help you!

What is branding?

Branding is essentially the process of defining who you are as a business and what makes you unique to your patients, staff and the public eye.
It’s the ‘je ne sais quoi’ feeling that when people use your practice, enter your practice and have anything to do with your practice.

dental signage

Why is it important?

At the end of the day, we're architects and designers, so we're not here to preach about building a successful business (better speak with a marketing agency for that)! But for us, it's really important to understand the 'what makes you unique' part. This is because, it's the seed of how to create a unique design, logo, and space that best represents you and your team in order to build identity and trust.

A successful brand will communicate to your target market consistently across all facets of your business from logo design, website design, interiors, and PR. The results will be attracting more of your target patients and a better patient retention rate.

How to build your brand?

As mentioned earlier, your brand is that feeling people get when they see, hear or experience anything about your brand – so creating a consistent and memorable brand is key for your dental practice.
We typically start with exploring you and your practice:

What does your practice stand for?
What do you stand for?
Who does your practice serve and what are they known for?
Where are you based and what is the history and identity behind your location?

The answers to the above should help us develop and explore a brand aesthetic. One of the key explorations is the logo design, many of our projects are existing practices with their own logos setup, therefore we adopt our decor to suit. However, it's not always set up so perfectly as that. Either it's a squat practice and there is no brand, or the existing logo is dated and in need of refreshing. At Vita, having been in the dental sector for many years, we've seen the frustrations of having a separate branding and logo team outside of your interior design team. Things are lost in translation or the brand direction is working in opposing routes. That's why we've integrated our team of talented graphic designers and interior designs to ensure that your brand, logo, and interior designs are consistently working in tandem with one another.

dental logo design


Branding relates to everything in your practice. So if done right, good branding will lead to building trust with existing and new patients and ultimately a more successful business. So get in touch to start building your brand today!