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A single-storey two-unit holiday let will be replacing a storage unit, that has fallen into disrepair in a quiet greenbelt zone in Westhumble, Mole Valley.

The site is located within the greenbelt and is surrounded by fields and trees. We wanted the building to fit effortlessly into the context and ensure the visitors experience the beauty of the area.

Proposed materials are timber cladding with green walls and roofs, broken up with large glazing expanses, allowing the building to merge beautifully within its natural setting.

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holiday let homes

Elegant fins that wrap the glazed wall, offer additional privacy as well as reduce exposure to natural elements, creating comfortable and relaxing spaces internally and externally.

Living space feels like it is merging into the surroundings by views opening up towards trees, and fields on either side of the building, making one feel one with nature.

The building is designed to make the visitor feel at one with nature.

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Forest Landscape