Office Summer Day Out at the Barbican

July 3, 2021

Barbican Centre (2)

Thanks to the Barbican centre and also to our very own Ruta Benetyte for organising our office summer day out.

Barbican Centre (8)

Really interesting to learn about the origins of the barbican centre, the architects and the incredible journey to amazing architecture that stands there today!

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Some fun facts…

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When was the Barbican built?

Led by architects Chamberlain, Powell and Bon who won the project through an architectural competition and had staggered finishes of separate buildings between 1969-1982.

Barbican Centre (7)

How long did it take to build the Barbican?

The architects were appointed in 1960 and construction started in 1965, taking a total of 22 years to design and build.

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How much is a flat in the Barbican?

Apparently one of the most asked questions… or maybe we’re overly curious. At the time of writing a 3 bedroom flat in the Barbican is on the market for £1.7m.

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